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How is the eSIM different from the physical SIM?

The eSIM can accommodate multiple phone numbers which you can add, delete and configure right from your device settings, while you can keep you main carrier physical SIM. However, the physical SIM needs to be physically removed and substituted.

What is eSIM or Digital Sim?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical SIM. The embedded SIM is already build-in your iPhone, ready to load the eSIM. The MobilityPass eSIM is a digital version of a physical SIM that is downloaded within a embedded SIM already installed by the cellular manufacturer. No shipping is required, it's plug and play through a MobilityPass QRCode and the Apple IOS (12.1 minimum required) or other compatible software, just follow the 3 easy...

eSIM ready / eSIM compatible devices

List of compatible eSIM devices (this list is being regularly updated as manufacturers launch their new devices) *To activate the eSIM, please make sure your device is unlocked. Please use your device USER MANUAL or Support page online on manufacturers page. If you buy Smartwatch or Tablet, ensure it has "Cellular function" or "4G" or "LTE" included, not just Wifi and Bluetooth - APPLE: - iPhone 11 ( ...

How to activate eSIM?

Wherever your are located right now, you can get connected to the cellular mobile data network within a minute through the best local carriers available within each of the 150 Countries covered. The eSIM is a digital SIM (SIM profile) that allows you to activate a mobile phone line and services without having to use a separate physical SIM. The embedded SIM is already build-in your compatible iPhone, ready to activate the eSIM. Once eSIM purchased, scan the provided QR code and install with...

eSIM for Smart Watch

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eSIM No shipping - instant activation

The delivery of your MobilityPass eSIM is made instantly available within your member area in the form of a QRcode after the order validation, your eSIM profile is ready to be installed with your device application settings into the embedded SIM as soon installation is completed your new mobile line is available.

What are eSIM advantages?

Depends on the operating system of your device, but they offer multiple advantages to switch between your eSIM and local SIM automatically, like depending on the caller or calling party, switch been data plan, etc.. . MobilityPass eSIM MobilityPass eSIMs is following the GSMA directive and are compatible with any unlocked device "eSIM" ready, GSM devices, smart phone, tablet, Modem, Router, Mi-Fi, mobile device, ioT`s... NO Shipping required The delivery of your MobilityPass eSIM is made ins...

Difference between eSIM & SIM

Once the eSIM profile is installed on your device there is no difference between your physical and Digital SIM. Coverage may depend on the eSIM selected.

Keeping local SIM with eSIM?

Yes, if you already have one physical SIM in your device you can keep it, but there is no obligation. The eSIM can be your only SIM (line) in your device

Is a eUICC a eSIM

eSIM or eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) the next evolution of the SIM card, it offers users the ability to change service provider over-the-air (OTA), without needing to physically change the embedded SIM card itself. eUICC represents the most radical change in over two decades of GSM connectivity, in terms of how customers can select and change service provider profiles based on the criteria or business rules of their choosing.

Moving the eSIM

Yes, you can move your eSIM profile from one device to the other, but only one device can be activated with each eSIM.