How to set up and activate eSIM on Apple Watch with cellular

How to set up and activate eSIM on Apple Watch with cellular

Your iPhone needs to be eSIM compatible running iOS 12.1 or later to activate eSIM on your eSIM compatible watch. Please check the list of eSIM compatible iPhones and Smartwatches here -

Usage is restricted by Apple in some countries, as well as by model number. See here

Before you order, please use the CONTACT US form to let us know:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Apple Watch Model (for example A2094)
  • Primary Connecting Country

If you do not get our approval in advance, we cannot guarantee the eSIM will work on your device.

Apple Watch Concierge Validation for compatible Custom MobilityPass Custom eSIM
Get your custom International eSIM for your Apple Watch with 100% refund certificate if you cant connect into the primary country + Personalised Order Form + Special discount. To request the status select your Apple Watch model number Axxx and the primary connecting country. (do not means that it will connect only in this country)

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Benefits of the "eSIM Concierge Service"

With The MobilityPass "eSIM concierge Service" the eSIM compatibility with your Apple Watch and countries get a personal attention by our eSIM Guru Dedicated Team.As we are providing services around the world since 2000 we are year ahead of the new technologies and keep running customers since more than 20 years when they started with a modem 14 kb on many continents.

MobilityPass works currently with over 590 carriers around the world so we will study your connectivity request against the model of your Apple Watch and whenever is possible we will offer you a dedicated custom eSIM to comply with your request.

1. Get custom eSIM"

A custom MobilityPass eSIM will be offered to you ensuring compatibility with your AppleWatch Apple Watch series 5 (with Cellular)

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2. You get 100% refund Certificate"

If the provided eSIM is not providing you connectivity as you requested to our "eSIM concierge Service" you will get instant 100% refund of your purchase*.as per our terms and conditions.

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When placing your order you will be offered a special personalised discount (the amount will be define on your personal order form). 

With $120 order you get eSIM for just $20 and $100 credit.


You just need to follow instructions for your eSIM compatible watch.

Basically, all you need to do is just add another plan in networks settings and scan our eSIM QR code or download eSIM.

1. Please do not forget to setup the APN to "globaldata" in your device network settings (leave blank password and username).

2. About Apple watch:

- First install and test the eSIM plan and settings with your compatible iPhone. Then, when the eSIM plan works with your iPhone, proceed with adding the plan to the watch, as instructed in your device user manual

- Only one plan can be active at once for data , ie : The watch data plan must be the same as the one currently used and active on the iPhone

- The plan on the watch must the one, which the active and in use by the iPhone, watch cannot work with a plan that is not active in the iPhone.

Do not try the watch phone facilities for calling the active iPhone profile as it will now be reachable.

Those limitations may be lifted in the next IOS release or Apple policy.


Please see official Apple instructions here: (Using Dual SIM with an eSIM

and here (Use Dual SIM with Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) and Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular))

Another useful tutorial you can find here:

We do provide you QR code after your purchase (available in your Member Area), so you can add new plan and download or scan our QR code to activate it.

* Please note, that Apple has a list of carriers that do not support eSim. This does not mean that our esim is will not be working with that carrier, it just means that carrier does not supply eSIM. Our eSIM is able to connect to over 500 carriers worldwide.

If you like to learn more on how eSIM works on specific devices and what benefits in can offer, please check links below: