DayPass Daily Data Plan

Why data connection drop

As with any mobile device, data connectivity is very reliant on a number of factors, including; 1. Your device capability 2. The local networks capability 3. And - having a good signal 4. And - not having network congestion If the mobile signal is weak or fluctuating data sessions may drop out. If you experience connection issues, always try manually connecting to a different subscribed network if available, or setting your SIM/device to "GSM only". This may give a more stable but slower co...

How to disable Data

If you would like to disable Data, please go into your handset data settings and follow the steps shown below: 1. Disable data roaming or cellular data to prevent unwanted data sessions. 2. Disable such software that updates automatically over the Internet, without the user being aware. Important: Is not because you disable data on your device that the subscribed oak will stop to run/renew,

Can I convert a credit into a DayPass plan

Yes, this happen automatically when you activate a DayPass plan by dialling the short code that shows in the SIM -eSIM page or by clicking the button from the dashboard , this in case the device to activate do not have filing facilities.

Call Text with DayPass plan

At this time we do not offer bundle that offer Voice data and text all included in a DayPass plan. When as a new customer you order directly DayPass daily bundle all the credit is assigned for data an no one left to use the voice and text. In order to use the voice and text services included in your SIM - eSIM you must add more credit to your account from the dashboard > recharge , then the charges will be debited as you go. The rates can be review from your dashboard at > Billing > ...

How to renew - terminate a DayPass plan

Once the DayPass daily bundle is activated it will auto-renew automatically each 24 hours until you terminate it or your balance is depleted, an so on. When you reach 90% of the usage you will receive an alert You can purchase as many bundles as you like but you can only have one active bundle for each area (i.e. one global bundle or one Europe bundle for example), as soon as the bundle has expired you will be able to activate another bundle. Warning : When your credit is depleted the DayPa...

Can I add DayPass Plan to any eSIM-SIM

Each SIM - eSIM have itlĀ“s category of available DayPass daily bundle Plan . That is why you should verify from the SIM card setting what DayPass are available If the one required is not available with that particular SIM you can request and upgrade of the SIM and keep the same mobile number

Can I activate multiple DayPass Plan

Yes, you can. Please remember, that you can activate multiple data bundles for different zones, for example, UK, USA. But not for the same zone before expiry. For example, UK 100Mb if activated, you cannot activate UK 400Mb before the expiry of the previous one.

When & How I activate the DayPass Daily Plan

1. You are new and Your account have been directly open with a DayPass daily plan The DayPass daily plan is not activated by default , if you do not activate your DayPass you will be connected under the DayPass Pay as you Go por MB. 2 . You are new and Your account have been directly activated with a Global Credit and no plan yet The activation have been automatic at the time you purchase the plan from your member dashboard, no further action is required. 3.You already are a customer Each t...

How do I purchase the DayPass daily plan

If you already have pay as you go credit you can purchase a bundle with your credit, just go to your SIM - eSIM listing to review the available DayPass Plan, and select the one you want. To select : Click on the link to activate the DayPass plan a device that do not include dealing feature such as iPad , pc, IoT Internet connected devices Dial the short code number that will appear under the selected bundle, it looks something like '*65xxx#' , just call that number from your eSIM- SIM card an...

I need more data within a Plan

We do offer several DayPass daily plan : - 100 MB per day (24 hours) - 400 MB per day (24 hours) - 1 GB = 1000 MB per day (24 hours) The availability depends on the: - Account type - Credit loaded - SIM - eSIM type You can review the availability within each SIM - eSIM in your account within the dashboard > My SIM cards > Settings

DayPass Data plan options

When you activate the daily plan you have 3 option to decide whats happen if the allowance ends before the end of the period of 24 hours. Option 1: Drop to low speed - Limited carriers Option 2: Full speed charges per MB - Unlimited carriers Option 3: No access until next period - No carrier