When & How I activate the DayPass Daily Plan

When & How I activate the DayPass Daily Plan

Daypass data plan allows you to save up to 95% on data roaming fees.

In the nutshell, all you need to do is

  • connect to the supported network (listed in your member area for particular country in section Member Area > My Products and Services > Day Pass), - for example to Orange in France 

  • dial the code provided to activate selected Daypass plan (100Mb per 24hrs, 400mb or 1000Mb with option to prolong for another 24hrs or Terminate with keeping or not keeping connection)  ((for example in France with Orange - 100mb with renewal will be *65412#))

  • the fixed amount for selected Daypass plan will be deducted from your balance (for example 2EUR for 100Mb) instead of being billed for each MB you download. This is how you save. ((for example you use 3 days, so you will be charged 2x3=6EUR))

  • You can automatically or manually terminate DayPass plan ((for example after 3 days you dial 05412#))

More detailed instructions you can find in your Member Area > My Products and Services > Day Pass (for your sim) as well as below:

1. You are new and Your account have been directly open with a DayPass daily plan

The DayPass daily plan is not activated by default , if you do not activate your DayPass you will be connected under the DayPass Pay as you Go por MB.

2 . You are new and Your account have been directly activated with a Global Credit and no plan yet

The activation have been automatic at the time you purchase the plan from your member dashboard, no further action is required.

3.You already are a customer

Each time you purchase a new DayPass plan the activation occur at the same time as the purchase.


Example of the activation code for the "DayPass" Roaming bundle: To activate the daily bundle (24 hours auto renew) you must dial once connected to the subscribed network carrier the following code: *65418#

Instructions and code are available into your member area > SIM Settings > detail > bundle, you will find the available code for each available bundle. This code must be dialled from your mobile (once connected to your subscribed carrier) it will activate the bundle in reference, the activation is almost immediate providing you have the available credit in your account.

Once you get connected to the subscribed network carrier, your phone setting allows also to control  cellular data usage apps by apps. Ensure that your settings correspond to your requirements. For all those settings you must refer to your phone user guide.

You will receive a message when you reach 90% of your daily allowance.

Any data usage you made during a period of 24 hours are covered. But if you connect to another network that is not include in the bundle you will be charged by MB as you go, same as when you do not activate any DayPass plan.

This facility is open when you cannot get temporary coverage or satisfactory speed within the bundle, you can block network within your phone to limit the usage to the bundle networks by selecting the carrier manually when you reach a new country on.