eSIM for SmartWatch

Need another phone number without switching SIM cards or carrying another phone? Need instant local Internet data connection when abroad? Enjoy the eSIM Revolution with Pay as you Go, local and global plans and save on data and voice roaming charges!

Do you need to connect as you go to any mobile carrier of your choice? Do you require to replace your existing SIM for any of those reasons? (theft, lost, suspension of your existing SIM card or phone, privacy issues, insufficient coverage or speed, high price for roaming, low quality of connection, confidentiality, need to travel for business or pleasure, need split billing, emergency contact or backup).

The MobilityPass eSIM for Smartwatch will provide solution by allowing instant International connection to 550 carriers. The best of all is that you can keep your local physical SIM inside your Smartwatch  and switch between SIMs and data plans on the fly wihout need to physically replacing your SIM. eSIM is a BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY implemented on the Smartwatch and the most RECENT DEVICES (phones, smartwatches, tablets, etc) from major manufacturers - please check device compatibility here


Now available as Early Bird for Members