Billing, pricing, rates, recharge, top-up, credit

Billing, pricing, rates, recharge, top-up, credit

Active SIM & End of Life

Update of active SIM SKU as March 1, 2022 : 1) Active SKU for eSIM > SIM-VEX & SIM-VET 2) Active SKU for SIM Cards FF2-FF3-FF4 > SIM VFX & SIM VFT 3) Active SKU for MFF2 > SIM VMX & VMT & VMG All other SIM SKU reached the end of life, please go to your member area to check the replacement solutions.

What are the service rates / prices?

Our SIM card works immediately worldwide, the price of communications and services (charge per Mb and per minute for outbound calls) is available in "Rates" ( section and within your Members Area ( in Billing section. By default we are offering all clients "Pay as you go" rates. You can activate specific plan or Bundle for discounted rates to suit your needs. Bundles choice may depend on the number of days ...

How to check my credit / balance?

You can check your credit at any time from your mobile or check in your Member Area (

How to reload - add funds - Top up - Recharge

To add funds to your account. Go to your Member Area ( dashboard > Recharge - Add funds It can take up to 24 hours for validation when is the first time you reload, as soon validated the account balance is updated it becomes available for all the attached services, SIMs and eSIMs within your account. We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

What is the validity period of my credit?

Your credit is valid for a period of 365 days. Each recharge extend the available credit for a period of 365 days.

Can I share my credit?

Of course, you have only one credit on your account that is shared between all your cards and/or services. This prevents you from blocking funds on each SIM card.

How my credit is debited

- Your credit is debited for any usage made by any of the SIM - eSIM , services or other product that you have in your account. - The account is debited live at the usage time, as you go under the FIFO process . (first in first out) - There is no funds assigned to a particular SIM card or services, its open to any charge you may occur. - The credit in your account is updated each 24 hours. - The credit allowed to each service can be lower than your main credit if you are using multiple s...

Where to look at my usage

Your detailed usage (cdr - call detail record) are available in your Member Area ( under the section > Billing > usage They are updated each 24 hours

Billing issue with data

Our Data charges are as published in the tariff and coverage page within your Member Are ( dashboard > Billing > rates Please click on the relevant tab in this link to view specific information related to our charges. Our charges are calculated on the basis that you have selected the following settings on your handset: a. The correct profile b. The correct DayPass Plan c. The correct mobile carrier partner network for the country (included in your Da...