How my credit is debited

How my credit is debited

  • Your credit is debited for any usage made by any of the SIM - eSIM , services or other product that you have in your account.
  • The account is debited live at the usage time, as you go under the FIFO process . (first in first out)
  • There is no funds assigned to a particular SIM card or services, its open to any charge you may occur.
  • The credit in your account is updated each 24 hours.
  • The credit allowed to each service can be lower than your main credit if you are using multiple services at the same time. i.e.: 3 eSIM  connections at the same time.

New customer first time credit:

If you open your account directly for a DayPass daily data plan:

  • The credit is assigned/blocked in full for this usage exclusively and cannot be debited for other services i.e.: as example you cannot use Call or Text if you open your account ordering a DayPass bundle without extra credit to cover other services such as a Call or Text. 
  • If you want to activate other services than the one included into the DayPass Plan you must add more funds to your account, as soon extra funds is added other services can be debited and used.

If you open your account directly by adding a global credit:

  • The credit will be available for all the services type available within your account and product i.e.: You can use Voice or Text for example and purchase a DayPass daily bundle as you go from the same credit.

First recharge by adding more funds:

The funds added are available to cover any time if services as they are not dedicated.