Billing issue with data

Billing issue with data

Our Data charges are as published in the tariff and coverage page within your Member Area dashboard > Billing > rates

Please click on the relevant tab in this link to view specific information related to our charges.

Our charges are calculated on the basis that you have selected the following settings on your handset:

a. The correct profile

b. The correct DayPass Plan

c. The correct mobile carrier partner network for the country (included in your DayPass Plan) that you are roaming in  If you find that you are, or have been on an incorrect profile and/or on an incorrect mobile carrier partner network setting, then this is likely to be the root cause of why you have been overcharged.

1. In order to reset your settings, remove the sim and battery. After 30 seconds, re insert the sim and battery.

2. To select a specific mobile carrier Partner Network for the country that you are roaming in, select: I. 'Network Settings' or 'Mobile Networks' on your handset and change the Network selection to 'Manual' or do a manual search for the network.

Visit your dashboard > Billing rates >  This page will provide you with a comprehensive list of countries and available mobile carrier and rates Partner Networks in the country that you intend to data roam in.

If you are concerned about historical charges for having selected an incorrect profile and/or an incorrect roaming partner network, please visit our 'Terms of Use' which is available on our website:

You may have selected the correct Profile and a correct mobile carrier Partner Network for the country that you are roaming in, yet you still find that you have been charged incorrectly.

The most commun cause are :

Your DayPass daily plan was not activated

Your Daypass daily allowance was terminated and when you activate the bundle you choose the option (default)  to continue to connect to any available network charged per Mb until the next DayPass daily per reinitiate.

In the case you still getting an inexplicable charge issue, please mention this to us opening a ticket from your dashboard with the connexion ID and the maximum information as possible , like screenshot, etc.. 

To get your session reference ID , go to the dashboard > billing > usage and click on the session , a popup open with the corresponding , then we will investigate the issue, and we will reimburse your sim with the difference if a genuine error on the part of WorldSIM is found.