What are the service rates / prices?

What are the service rates / prices?

Our SIM card works immediately worldwide, the price of communications and services (charge per Mb and per minute for outbound calls) is available in  "Rates" section and within your Members Area in Billing section. 

By default we are offering all clients "Pay as you go" rates.

You can activate specific plan or Bundle for discounted rates to suit your needs. Bundles choice may depend on the number of days you need, amount of data or else.

Bundles and plans can be activated by dialing specific codes or through your Member Area.


Any data usage you made within the "DayPass" plan are covered during a period of 24 hours.
You will receive an alert when you reach 90% of the allowance.
When the "DayPass" is fully used you have several options. Restart a new "DayPass" OR connect "as you go" per MB and so on...
In case you connect to another network that is not included in the bundle you will be charged by MB as you go.

Important:  You can connect to many other countries or networks that are outside of our list ,but the bundle will not be active and you will be billed by as you go per MB plan unless you activate another dedicated "DayPass" available plan.
You can review other available "DayPass" bundle if any, price and coverage from your member area under > Billing
This facility is open when you cannot get temporary  coverage or satisfactory speed within the bundle.

Remember that you can avoid connecting to the wrong mobile carrier network  by selecting the carrier manually when you reach a new country. How to select manually the carrier is available from your mobile user guide.
More information are detailed within your Member Area.