Getting started

Getting started

Dashboard Mandatory - Communication with existing clients only through secure Member Area

IMPORTANT Dear Existing clients. For your security and privacy, all communication between us and support can only be made from within your Member Area dashboard. Any other communication, ticket, email will be discarded for your own protection. To log into your member area go to

Getting Started Extended User Guide for SIM and eSIM

MobilityPass SecureXpress/Universal SIM and eSIM Card 2020 Extended User Guide Table of Contents 1. Quick Start 2. Phone Calls 3. Internet Access 4. Text Messages 5. Voicemail 6. Call Forwarding 7. Refill SIM Card Credit 8. How to activate DayPass plan 9. Access Codes Table 10. Troubleshooting 11. FAQ 12. Customer Support 1 Quick Start INSERTING THE SIM CARD INTO YOUR PHONE If you have purchased eSIM, you do not have to insert any SIM card, just scan QR code as p...

Getting Started with MobilityPass "Classic" eSIM

MobilityPass "CLASSIC" eSIM Card 2020 User Guide Table of Contents 1. Quick Start 2. Internet Access 3. Refill SIM Card Credit 4. Troubleshooting 5. FAQ 6. Customer Support TERMS FOR MOBILITYPASS eSIM PASS: - Valid 30days from first connection - eSIM Pass can be only used in one country, where you have first activated the eSIM. - Validity 6 months for activation - Reload, price and conditions please visit your member area Minimum requirements for ESIM PASS: ...

Order Processing and the right to refuse service

We reserve up to 24 hours during business days to process your order and details and reserve the right to decline the order and refund your your funds. We may also ask for additional information from you to help us with account verification. We will always strive to impress you and process your order much quicker than that!

Mobile Glossary / Mobile Phone Terms Dictionary / Lexicon

General: - Air time - Air time refers to the monthly allowance of talk minutes you're entitled to with your mobile phone contract.handset – mobile phone hardware - Service plan – a monthly contract that charges calls at a set rate and sometimes gives you a certain amount of free calls. - Service provider – a company that provides the connection for your mobile phone - Coverage – the area where your mobile phone can be used - Pre-paid – a service you pay for before you use it - Pay...

How to recharge my credit / add credit?

If you like to recharge your existing SIM, please use your Member Area. In Member Area select - Recharge / Add funds You can funds by card or using Paypal. The more amount you recharge, the more bonus you get. The funds are available SIM Card for a period of one year from the date of deposit and period is prolonged for one year with each recharge. More you add...More Discount. The Credit + Bonus are added to your account balance and are available for all services and SIM Card for a pe...

How to activate the DayPass Plan

Example of the activation code for the "DayPass" Eurail Roaming bundle: To activate the daily bundle (24 hours auto renew) you must dial once connected to the subscribed network carrier the following code: *65418# Instructions and code are available into your member area > SIM Settings > detail > bundle, you will find the available code for each available bundle. This code must be dialled from your mobile (once connected to your subscribed carrier) it will activate the bundle in refer...

How to order SIM or eSIM?

The MobilityPass SIM and eSIM cards are exclusively available online: Order here Order Online ( If you like to recharge your existing SIM, please use your Member Area.

What is SIM card size? How to Insert SIM into my phone?

Our SIM is a Multi Size SIM that include Mini, Micro and Nano detachable SIM card to fit any device SIM card slot. All compatible size include: 2FF - 3FF and 4FF. eSIM ( doesn't have any size. If you have purchased eSIM, you do not have to insert any SIM card, just scan QR code as per eSIM card instructions in Knowledgebase. Please refer to your cell phone manual on how to insert the Mobilitypass SIM Card. Your phone needs to be unlocked...

How to activate my SIM Card?

Your SIM card is pre-activated and can be used immediately. If you like to activate a bundle or a plan, please refer to Bundle section

What is period validity of the SIM?

Unlike other SIM cards that expire in 30 or 90 days, MobilityPass SIM and eSIM cards are active for a period of 365 days from its purchase or from the last credit recharge.

How to "Unlock" my phone?

An unlocked phone is a phone that you can use with any SIM card from any network carrier in the world. If your phone is locked with your carrier you must contact them to unlock it and they will provide you a code to do it.

Can I share my credit?

Of course, you have only one credit on your account that is shared between all your cards and/or services. This prevents you from blocking funds on each SIM card.

How to activate Call & Text

To use the Call & Text facilities of your SIM - eSIM you must have some credit in your account. This allows to debit the charges for the call and text according to our "Pay as you go" rates. If you only purchase a DayPass Daily Plan, all your available credit is assigned to the data usage and call and text cannot be used without credit, to solve this issue you must add some credit from your member area, then the charges for the call and text can be debited. At this time we do not offer any Day...

How to Manage your Support Ticket

Please login into your Global Roaming Members Area in order to manage your support ticket and access all services attach.

Global Roaming Customer Service is private in order to ensure your privacy and the confidentiality of your information.

When you are not register within the Members Area you can only view and reply to your current ticket.

Click login to your member area on the top right of the page.

Ticket issued from the public area and referring to any type of account information will be automatically discarded and returned for privacy and identification purpose.

Please do not open multiple ticket to several department as this will delay the process and if to many put the account in Spam.

The average time to respond to a ticket is between 48 hours to 72 hours, when the reply required information from third party such as financial or usage the delay can be extended up to 15 days.


First connection setup and bundle activation

Important YOUR MOBILE PHONE MUST BE UNLOCKED TO FUNCTION Please first verify that your phone is unlocked then please check the following phone settings - Our SIM is inside (or eSIM is activated) - Your phone is ON - AirPlane mode is turned OFF - WiFi is turned OFF - Cellular Data is turned ON - APN Access point name is configured if required within your SIM Settings - Roaming and Data Roaming is turned ON - Carrier is set to Automatic When verification is completed, ...