What is SIM card size? How to Insert SIM into my phone?

Our SIM is a Multi Size SIM that include Mini, Micro and Nano detachable SIM card to fit any device SIM card slot. All compatible size include: 2FF - 3FF and 4FF.

eSIM doesn't have any size.

If you have purchased eSIM, you do not have to insert any SIM card, just scan QR code as per eSIM card instructions in Knowledgebase.

Please refer to your cell phone manual on how to insert the Mobilitypass SIM Card. Your phone needs to be unlocked, which means that it is not locked to a specifiĀ­c provider.

What if your phone is locked? If your phone is locked, please contact your cell phone provider to have it unlocked.

Before inserting the SIM Card, always make sure that your cell phone is switched off. The SIM Card can be easily damaged by being scratched or bent, so be careful when inserting or removing the card. Once your SIM Card is inserted, you can switch on your phone.