Potential issues with access to mobile internet when travelling for leasure or business - client story re Travel to Dubai

Are you nervous or worried about potential issues with access to internet when travelling?
Access to internet has become the basic need of everyone, on the same level as access to food and water.
Here is a story of one of our clients, who went on a recent trip:

"My name is Adam and I have recently travelled to Dubai from Spain. I have a regular contract in Spain with International connection. I didn't expect any issues, but, just in case, i have purchased mobilitypass sim card, in case something goes wrong, as it did on previous trip (my credit expired in one day and i couldn't make calls or recharge as I didn't have connection anymore).
This time it happened again, I have arrived in Dubai and just couple of hours after connecting to local network with roaming data feature on, i have used up all my credit (50EUR!) and lost connection. I could not even call my provider back. I needed urgent connection, and wifi was not an option as i was in the rental car and needed google maps to work to find my way to the hotel.

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