MobilityPass relaunched with revolutionary international eSIM. About MobilityPass, review.

MobilityPass relaunched with revolutionary international eSIM. About MobilityPass, review.

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MobilityPass has been around since 2000, working hard in the background to deliver the most advanced telecommunications solutions for their clients. However with the new technological breakthrough – eSIM or digital SIM, company has decided to pull all efforts to create most useful and convenient solution for those clients, who want to experience all the benefits eSIM technology has to offer.

MobilityPass has launched its new revolutionary eSIM product offering, which includes instant digital delivery of eSIM to any compatible device, along with ultra competitive international roaming rates for data, voice & text, which, in most cases, can compete even with the rates of local providers. For those clients, who do not have latest eSIM compatible device yet, MobilityPass still offers normal physical international roaming SIM card in all sizes, with much improved offering, service and rates.

Who are MobilityPass?

MobilityPass business is Global communication.  The MobilityPass team has more than 40 years of experience in secured telecommunications. Since 1977, our team has been granted patents in Europe, the United States and the Far East for its work on data exchange interfaces for mobile devices, secure communication, payment and ID verification. Their infrastructure is located in 3 continents, North America, Europe and Asia, and is built to serve the needs of our customers in different time zones.

Today the International Voice and Data solutions from MobilityPass are a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to use your mobile devices abroad without changing your habits. Incoming calls abroad are without roaming charges and the cost of international calls and internet data are almost at local prices.

Who are clients of MobilityPass?

Since inception in year 2000 they have served more than 100,000 worldwide businesses like Thomas Cook and many personal customers. The MobilityPass SIM Cards have been designed to assist International Travelers with their communications needs while discovering the World.

MobilityPass offering is the result of our massive experience and generous feedback from thousands of our personal clients, including students, expatriates, globally mobile employees and businessmen, as well as celebrities, famous athletes, movie stars, racing drivers and writers.


What MobilityPass has been up to?

For the past 20 years, their international engineering team has been developing a proprietary management and integration suite of key internet business connection services that include Dial up, Toll Free, Wifi Hotspots, 3G/4G mobile broadband and revolutionary eSIM. With over 300,000 users around the world and 100 millions of minutes served, Mobilitypass has provided internet access to Roaming Operators such as Goremote, Gric, Ipass, Otenet and international corporates such as Sony, Thomas Cook, SAFT, IPS Sendero, Nissan, IRI, Tapeware.

Since 2000 they have developed and shared with their customers the continuous technology evolution from the dial-up Internet access at 28Kb through ISDN 128Kb, Wi-Fi hot spots, GPRS up to today 4G mobile and now working 10 years up-front to continue to serve their clients even more efficiently… for the future.

Prestigious universities like Calpoly and MIT, as well as celebrities and movers and shakers on the world stage that need confidential, secure and reliable communication services abroad, have also enjoyed MobilityPass services. For example, for 7 years they were the provider of millions of minutes to AOL through a dedicated TCP clear secure tunnel, from Spain to their clearing house in the States to connect their corporate users while traveling in Spain. 10 years ago MobilityPass has developed an unified secured and encrypted package featuring a complete integration of communication tools and services, including international cellular phone cards, sms text messaging, push email, fax, internet phone, voice mail, virtual phone numbers, and VPN tunnel integration.


The revolutionary development launched by MobilityPass in early 2010 was the live billing and encrypted international 3G mobile broadband, that allowed customers to control in real time the exact cost of their mobile internet connection through a secure and private member´s area. This allows to avoid unpleasant cost surprises and billing issues that most operator and company face when offering 3G cellular broadband roaming to mobile workers. This upgrade allows customers to connect with a secure access key to up to a hundred mobile networks around the world such as: Optus, Vodafone, TDC Mobile, KPN, Bouygues, T Mobile, Optimus, Rogers, Hutchinson, AT&T, Orange, Proximus, SFR, etc…


In 2010 MobilityPass launched Compass The MobilityPass Compass international SoftPhone is your encrypted Communication “Swiss-Knife” while abroad: Calls In & Out, SMS Text messaging, Unified Instant Messaging, Fax, Push E-Mail, Storage, Follow me numbers, Wifi Hotspot finder, VPN. SoftPhone: Free PC to PC calls, 100% FREE calls at great quality using your contact list.


In 2012 MobilityPass was one of the first companies in the world to launch mobile international Wifi (MiFi) with direct encryption VPN.


What’s next?

The latest development is the early launch of revolutionary MobilityPass eSIM, which exploits latest achievement in mobile telecomunnications. MoblityPass clients, who own latest devices from major manufacturers (like Apple iPhone XR and iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and others), can turn their devices into Dual SIM without the need to physically insert or change SIMs – it all happens on the fly with Digital delivery of the eSIM by MobilityPass through scan of QR code.


MobilityPass´s future focus is on continuing to provide and improve international secured communications for professional corporates, governments and all individuals who want secure and low cost connections around the world. Company corporate philosophy is to strive and differentiate themselves from the rest of the marketplace, by understanding that their customer is their principal partner and deserve the highest level of service.