Does new Google Pixel 4 have eSIM? How to find out?

Does new Google Pixel 4 have eSIM? How to find out?

Google Pixel 4 has arrived has arrived just a couple of days ago and it already create quite a lot of noise with its Dual cameras located and looking similar to iPhone 11, as well as gesture control features.

Many people are asking, does Google Pixel 4 have eSIM feature and how to activate it?

Sure, just like almost all previous models of Pixel (Pixel 2 and Pixel 3) it does feature eSIM capabilities. All you need to do is just to purchase the plan from local or international carrier, get QR code and activate it within minutes!

Here is a proof and some screenshots from Androidauthority here.

Actually, it is not very true that many people are asking this. This is because people are not yet aware about revolutionary eSIM technology, that has been around for few years, hence some don't even realise that their device has such a wonderful capability.

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical SIM. The embedded SIM is already build-in your iPhone or latest compatible device, ready to load the eSIM.

Need another phone number without switching SIM cards or carrying another phone? Need instant local Internet data connection when abroad?

Enjoy the eSIM Revolution for your Pixel 4 with Pay as you Go tariffs or local and global plans and save on data and voice roaming charges worldwide!

You can keep your local physical SIM inside your phone and switch between SIMs and data plans on the fly without need to physically replace your SIM.

eSIM is a BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY available ONLY on the most RECENT DEVICES (phones, smartwatches, tablets, etc) from major manufacturers - please check device compatibility here