Call and Text activation

Your SIM card come with a mobile number for voice and Text.
In order to be billed you must have some credit in your account.
If you are new customer and ordered a Daily bundle "DayPass" Plan all your credit have been assign to cover the number of days you ordered for your plan.
The "DayPass" daily plan  do not include credit for Call or Text.
In order to be able to receive or place call or text your must add some credit to your account, credit is valid for 1 year. 
To proceed please go to your account > Recharge / Add funds. Please allow few hours for the new settings to be propagated to the network.

If you need further information, please review your member area and/or the Terms and conditions.

PS.Some type of account can be activated for call and text , but in that case the cost of each one will be debited from the credit for the data bundle and reduce the available days ordered.