How to contact us?

How to contact us?

If your question isn’t answered in our Knowledgebase, please contact our customer care using one of the options below.

You can provide your question in English, Spanish or French.

 Support for existing customers

If you are customer or already placed your order, support about your SIM Card (delivery, shipment, recharge, usage, lost, rates etc.) is only available through your Member Area (for your own security and privacy). Please login with your username and password (as specified in the confirmation email received at the registration) prior to submitting your request.


 Support for new customers (not a client yet?)

If you are not a client yet, please use this General Enquiry to contact us, if you are a customer use the Customer Care form above. We will get back to you within as soon as possible. Important do not send multiple request to different department as this will be treated as spam.


By Chat:

If you are subscriber of the VIP or business Membership, you can contact privately the Global Roaming support Team via chat from your member area, available from 8am to 6pm UTC Time (for regular membership).