Making Call

Making Call

Calling Back Feature:

Your Voyager SIM card provide an International call service, so you need to dial your numbers in the International dialing format plus the # (pound key) at the end.

(Some smartphone may require to dial the ‘*’ key before the ‘+’)

Please note that the leading zero (0) in the UK number need to be strip. You need to drop the leading zero of any European phone number Dial the number as mentionned, wait a few second (ignore any displayed message), you will then receive an inbound call.

Answer the call and you will be connected with the person you called.

Calling through Feature: (regular call method)

You need to dial your numbers in the International dealing , including the "+" or "00" before the country code of the called number i.e.: 33 for france and the the number , the fall format will be : + 33 the number

For Example:

UK Mobile Phone number: 07 000 20225

UK format +44 7 000 20225 > International UK Format: +44 7 000 20225

US Phone number: (201) 567-8899

US Phone number: (201) 567-8899 > International US format: +1 201 567-8899