eSIM ready / eSIM compatible devices

List of compatible eSIM devices (this list is being regularly updated as manufacturers launch their new devices)

*To activate the eSIM, please make sure your device is unlocked. Please use your device USER MANUAL or Support page online on manufacturers page.

If you buy Smartwatch or Tablet, ensure it has "Cellular function" or "4G" or "LTE" included, not just Wifi and Bluetooth

last updated: 17/10/2019

If one of your own devices is not yet compatible, do not worry, as we can provide physical SIM as well. Each day more mobile manufacturers integrate the embedded eSIM into the internet connected devices. We offer upgrade plan to eSIM at any time.

In case one of your devices is not eSIM ready and you need some physical SIM (Mini, Macro or nano), do not worry, as we do provide it as well directly within your Member area.

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